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Post Info TOPIC: Dr Brian Wachler -- any experience with him?

Date: Tue Jul 4 6:06 PM, 2017
Dr Brian Wachler -- any experience with him?

Hello. I am considering going to Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler for Keratoconus treatments. Can anyone comment on their experiences with him? Thank you.


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Date: Mon Jul 10 7:04 PM, 2017

I have not had any experience with Dr. Boxer-Wachler. You might also want to consider Dr. Yaron Rabinowitz who is in the same neighborhood. I have seen Dr. Rabinowitz from time to time over the last 25 years. I've always found him to be a reliable and down to earth source of information for managing my KC. I'll tell you right up front that Dr. Rabinowitz does not believe in epi-on CXL, so he will give you an opinion that will conflict with Dr. Boxer-Wachler on that. 



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Date: Thu Jul 27 12:39 AM, 2017

i did corneal ring implant (icsrs) and also CXL on my left eye for keratoconus. it is been 5 months now. i did have discomfort, i thing form the ring implant but it got a lot better to the point i dont even remember it now or touching my eye doesn't cause tearing up. my biggest problem was cloudiness --i think it has to do with eye dryness. i have dry eyes to begin with but after the surgery, i notice the dryness affecting the surgery eye a lot more than the other eye. but if i use artificial tears --it does get better. i dont know if i will do it on the second eye --although i could sense the vision in the untreated eye is failing and i am only 32. my Dr. does visual field and other tests and thinks the rings are helping prevent the cornea from protruding but another Dr i spoke to in Canada who has been practicing these treatments for 8+years told me he stopped doing the rings because he didnt see any improvement in his patients. so i am kind of at crossroad right now --i dont want to do it but i see my other eye is failing. any ideas are appreciated. thank you.

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