All of us Vs Keratoconus

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Date: Thu Feb 24 3:55 PM, 2005

Keraform a non-surgical way to re-shape your cornea....some excellent information on KC as well...

Keraform, please click here!

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Date: Fri Feb 25 8:52 AM, 2005

Keraform developers latest company information..Please click here!



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Date: Tue Mar 1 3:47 PM, 2005

It seems that the company has abandoned the project ...

See what I found at

See Stage I

Because Keratoconus is a rare disease there are not enough foundings and that is why we do not have a solution yet... anyway I hope they will resume work or other companies will do the same job.




Date: Wed Mar 2 12:44 AM, 2005

I got a reply from the company in question...this is what they have to say...

 "ISTA Pharmaceuticals, Inc. does not produce Keraform, nor is the company
in the process of
developing a product by this name."

That seems odd???when their partners talk about Keraforms development in their chairmans report and it is widely talked about, like for example in the link above, about their company activities??

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Date: Tue Mar 15 11:07 PM, 2005

Hmmm hmmmmm..... very odd!

I would guess that they gave it up and that also that it did not have much chance of success... they have a product and seem to be searching for a way to use it.

To me, the thought of dissolving collagen in the cornea and then resetting it like so much crazy foam sounds horrendous. If it goes wrong - you are left with no cornea!

Unfortunately - when you have people desperate for cures you also have people that take advantage of it. So you have to sift the genuinely helpful from the over-optimistic!



Date: Wed Mar 16 7:38 PM, 2005

Thanks for clearing up another KC mystery...from someone who knows about KC "like the back of there hand"....God its good to have you in our company



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Date: Tue May 16 12:50 AM, 2006

Hello  good and bad news regarding keraform

Found some interesting information regarding ISTA pharmaceuticals and keraform.

apparantly theyve conducted phase III studies in mexico ,they got 20/20 accuity on all patients post op and after a 14 month followup all patients were still at that  except a few who they suspected were due to the general continuity of the kerataconus progression...GREAT

but the big SUCK of it all is this  sometime during 2000-2002 ISTA had to get capital due to a total acrued debt of approx 110M$ so what ive been able to read between the lines ( I might be wrong) but they managed to get a nice influx of cash at that time ,(venture capitalists??) and in the same period there was a massive change in the board of directors and basically the entire top echelon of the company was switched out.

now in a FCCand an SEC document ive found from ISTA released somewhere around 2004 and 2002 they claim that they cant market the keraform treatment due to patent rights issues.and that after 2 years of trying to come to an agreement with said patentholder/s theyve given up trying as the holders are asking too much in ISTAs oppinion for the patent rights, and ISTA are afraid of patent right infringement lawsuits so they wont market keraform.therefore what ive deduced is that the standard operational procedure of venture capitalists to hand out cash and in return ask for a minimum of 50% of the company , then they manouver the originators out of the company/power and consequently make a likely what occured ...but now one or more of the originators were holders to a number of the patent rights so they screwed up almost their entire line of drugs/therapies that the company had been working on,therefore the "change of focus" on ISTAs produktline

link to on document stating this

so in summation :

the good thing is that keraform works and is ready to get FDA approval

and the big nasty is that it will never hit the market due to some dumbass greedy mofos

and right now id like yoo shoot someone slowly with a nailgun,if i could see them that is...

ps sorry for the bad typos and all


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Date: Tue May 16 1:38 AM, 2006


A warm welcome to you, thank you very much for all the things you wright... really we welcome very much input like this.

I think "the law is an ass" in this case as you need laws to stop things like this happening so that new treatments can move forward.

I think another company should buy the rights and conduct trails as trails happen in all sorts of medical treatments out there... i feel the treatment must be done in another country, buy another company... where the same problems will not rise again. But as we all know who has that much interest in doing this... i wonder?

I would really like the details of how to "buy this patient" and who to approach... and then take it from there...

All the best

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