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Date: Tue May 16 6:52 AM, 2006
RE: Keraform

Hi Bandmatat,

Is there a link to information on the phase III trials for keraform?

Searching arounf the net I did read that they were hoping to bring keraform to market in 2005, this was stated back in 2000.



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Date: Fri May 19 3:31 PM, 2006

hi all

sorry cant remember where on all the sites i found the information regarding the mexico phase III study.but what ive been doing is googling around using the words: keraform , ISTA , patent , advanced  corneal systems ( name of ista pharmaceuticals pre 2000 ish ) and dr Harris seperately and in different combinations/permutations to find the information, would be cool if somone else would do the same as ive might have missed some information , you know how it is when its 4am and youve been perusing the net for umpteen hours... and if you have some more good search keys ,please drop them and relevant links in here so we all can figure out what the hell happened.

Is there anything we can do as a group to get keraform back on track? names lists ,talking to representatives government types to push this issue. as this is an health matter isnt there something the government can do to intervene. what im thinking of is what recently happened regarding Ebay and the patent troll companys...

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Date: Sat May 20 9:27 PM, 2006


Great way of thinking mate... i spent hours running searches... and what i found i put here... i think the name Dr Harris is new to me... i think try to contact him.... as the info. might not be on the net. It seems mysterious enough to take a new look at this...

I think its best to contact people invoved with this treatment... i emailed Ista and they just told me that they have stopped developing it.

Its great to see new members taking the "baton" which we pass to them.

I researched a lot... when a "dead end" came to the research i tried other ways to gain some more information... and the more information i found then that just grew to the knowledge base we gathered here... Keraform came to that "dead end" again and again... but i always felt that the story was not over... i think if you or anyone can find Dr Harris, then there may be more answers to our questions...

Please put anything anyone of yourself finds here... on Keraform...

All the best 

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