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TOPIC: Why Did Our KC Regress?


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Date: Fri Jan 27 12:29 PM, 2012
RE: Why Did Our KC Regress?

I hope this help all of you with Keratoconus. My story is 20 years ago I was diagnosed with keratoconus, like all of you that was not a happy day. I believe I had two more doctors confirm this. Also from everything I read that was my problem. If I remember right within a year of being diagnosed, I came up with an idea that Iíd been working on. I wont go in to the long details of how and why I came up with it at this moment. Basically I looked at my eye as a balloon and if you take your hands and squeeze the round balloon you in effect change its shape and cone it out, the same as what happens to your retina when you have keratoconus. I thought maybe something in my head was causing pressure on my eyeball. I didnít have plugged up sinus, well as it turn out not the kind where your nasal passages are plugged up.
What I did is go to about a dozen cranial massage therapist. and this is very important the first 11 didnít do a thing for me!!!!!! The last one they really worked hard on my head trying to move / break up what I now call upper sinus snot for lack of better words. I call it upper sinus because remember I didnít have a plugged up nasal passage. When I say worked hard on me, it wasnít a pleasant cranial massage like the previous 11 people but more like a real rehabilitative sports massage compared to a nice relaxing massage. Well for me the first thing I noticed was that during the one-hour cranial massage I could feel and maybe hear upper mucus in my forehead move around. If I tilted my head to the right side my right nose would plug up, and then if I moved my head to the left side the mucus would move over and stuff up my left nose. The Cranial massage therapist also worked on massaging my chest and even my toes as he said those areas work on relieving your sinuses. He told me to drink lots of water to help flush my system.
Now mind you I was a one off case heíd never done this work for someone with keratoconus and after a few years he moved and I canít remember his name so this is not some sort of add to get business.
Away later that night while I was sleeping, 2 am or so. (Warning the next part is pretty gross) I woke up choking, I couldnít breathe through my nose or mouth, I ended up coughing up a mostly yellow and slightly dark red bloody mucus ball the size of an extra big golf ball Iím sure half that amount also went down my throat. Itís interesting to note old dark red blood, not fresh bright red blood. When I woke up my eyesight was greatly improved. Iíve always have been near sighted but the effects of Keratoconus was greatly improved.
I went back and had the same cranial massage done 7 days in a row. Then probably had it once a week for a month or two. What has happened for the last 20 years is this. For about the first 6 years Iíd go back once every 6 months or so because id start to get effects of keratoconus coming back. After about 6 years of this I havenít had any cranial massages, every once in a while I might do a few massage techniques to my self, mostly when I felt a little head pressure, or start to notice very slight what I call ghost vision from the keratoconus. I have 20/20 vision with soft contacts, which I wear because as I said I always had near sightedness.
Believe it or not another thing I noticed that helps besides the one cranial massage therapist that helped is warm salt-water scuba diving, lol cold water diving here in Colorado doesnít help, but warm salt water diving did. I contribute that to, diving causes certain amounts of head squeeze and releases, especially if you take a little longer to equalize. (Warning Iím not saying to not equalize properly as that can rupture ears etc). Iím just saying it helped while doing proper scuba techniques in warm water. Well there is my story; I hope it helps people,
If some of you give this a try remember I had to go to a dozen massage therapist before I found one that made a difference. And that was completely because the first 11 massage therapist did what I call a nice fluffy cranial massage not a real sports therapy hard cranial massage. If you try this, please inform people if it works and id love to hear from you on this site if any of this worked for anyone. If it works for other people maybe the doctors can see if we have a small head bone shaped different or something that allows this upper sinus pressure effect the eyes by conning them out, at least that was the case with me.
Further note I never had ANY sinus medicine that ever cleared up what I call upper sinus gook. Remember itís the upper sinus gook that caused my symptoms and diagnoses of keratoconus by at least 2 maybe 3 doctors, and they also did the computer eye topographic scan that showed the conning of my eyes. I hope this helps. Please let me know on this site what you think.


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Date: Fri Jan 27 7:41 PM, 2012

Has your kc got better on topography or subjectivily ?

Its interesting what you have tried out and found out!

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