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Post Info TOPIC: Do it yourself C3-R Riboflavin/UVA?

Date: Mon Feb 16 4:42 AM, 2015
RE: Do it yourself C3-R Riboflavin/UVA?

Hello there. I myself reasearched collagen and riblofaving drops for the eyes and I was surprised to find several kinds available for pets, including hyaluronic acid drops that get dense, gel like, to cure ocorneal ulcers in cats, dogs and horses. I think this beg the question of how are the animal corneas different from humans and why are such drop drops available for animals and not for humans. This may seem a naive question for vision care professionals but I think it would be worth an answer. I bet other people have wondered the same think. I happen to think that in forums and trainings, no questions is ever a bad question. 

I did some researched for ocular vitamin drops... and I found some formulations available. 

So just today I ordered Lion Smile 40 Premium Eye Drops which became available just in 2013. The formulation does not have B12 but it had all of the other ingredients I have read that are supposed to have a positive effect in the cornea. Here is some info (scroll down for list of ingredients)  There are other formulation available by Sante and by Roto labs but after hours of searching for list and potency of ingredients (not an easy task because ingredients list are hard to find in English), I found this formulation to be the most complete and potent. 

I also ordered Eyebon Double Vitamin Eye Wash with vitamin B6 and B12. I could not find the quantities of the ingredients in English, just the list of ingredients. 

These products have good reviews of people, especially contact lens weares, and they talk about how refreshed their eyes feel.  My hope is they will refresh my eyes and help with the itching and painful feeling; anything that keeps me from rubbing (sometimes I can't take it and I do press my tear duct and massage instead of rubbing my eyes). And again, it makes me feel that I'm trying and not giving up. :)

These products are sold in Japan and I ordered one from the most popular on line retailer and the other one from a Japanese retailer. There were no mentions of restrictions to import... hopefully I will receive them without delays. 

If I get them, I plan on using them only in one eye to really tell if I can see a difference. 

Anyway, my name is Ada and I have had KC for almost 30 years. I've had transplants but my older transplat developed 10 diaopters of astigmatismin the lat 1.5 year and a half, my doctor said KC does not go away and there is a part of the cornea in the back that i bulging and not supporting the new cornea - which still looks clear and nice, just "hanging down". her main advise was to avoid rubbing. It was hard after several years of having less than 1 diopter of astigmatism and enjoying decent vision with glasses. So now I need to go back to contacts (sclerals)., which I worned before. The battle just never ends, but one day at a time does the trick. 


Date: Wed May 18 1:12 PM, 2016


how are the eye drops/vitamins helping the KC?  Can you pleae provide update?




Date: Fri Jun 23 9:13 PM, 2017

you have to have the 1st layer of your cornea removed/ scraped off and then apply the ribo-flavin so no I would not recommend you do this on your own

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