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Post Info TOPIC: cxl not going as it should


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Date: Sat Dec 20 5:41 PM, 2008
cxl not going as it should

hi every one!

I have't updated my case in a while. The thing is I was actually depressed by my results with the cxl treatment.

My case started as usual, the first two months the vision was bad, but as expected on most cases.

By the 3rd month I started to get worried, my vision wasnt close to what it was before the treatment.

on the 4th month check up there was a bit of improvement on my topos, and my sight, although very sutil.

Yesterday I had my 5 month check up. I had noticed that my vision wasnīt the best this days, but I ketp telling my self it was my imagination. However this wasnīt the case.
My topos were worse that the previous ones, aparently there has been progression of the dissease.
The posterior face (im not sure thats how you call it in english) of the corneas show progression. I was told by my doctor that cxl doest reach that part of the cornea so it can progress there. Has anyone of you heard this before???? Cause I sure didn't. I mean when they expleaind the treatment they said this would make my corneas stronger. Period.

So here I am. Crosslinked with a PROGRESSING KC. Wich clearly sucks.
I canīt post my topos cause they didt give me a copy! ANOTHER great thing about this people.

OH well. So now Iīm thinking what my next move is.

If any of you have any kind of info, please I would greatly appreciate it.

A few things Iīd like to ask. Im a vegetarian, do you think this could have anything to do with it?
Also a graphic designer, and I have spent a huge part of my day in front of the computer this year, may be that can explain it?
Where I work they sort of abuse air condicioning,,, what about that? getrting the eye extra dry? (wich i have!!)

I canīt figure this out. SOOO DEPRESSED RIGHT NOW!


love every one!
hope this is  the expeption to the rule =(


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Date: Sat Dec 20 6:39 PM, 2008

Hello Chechin,

KC does start not at the front of the cornea - but at the back of it. The back of the corneas are not crosslinked because crosslinking that sensitive area can harm the Endo cells (which is needed to pump out water from the cornea, with out them the cornea will go cloudy)

K reading go up and down during the long healing time of months, it actually goes up in the first few months before fluctuating for months after that.

The main thing is this progression may have been stopped from getting to the front due to the treatment you had, it could have been worse for you. And you must remember the Orbscan does have an error of margin - the PENTACAM is a MUCH BETTER machine.

I would say - wait and see a few more months, CXL can take up to a year to settle, and then you still have the option of glasses or contacts to correct the optical error.


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Date: Tue Dec 23 3:59 PM, 2008

Hi Chechin,
if I were you I would speak to my doctor and discuss whether I could have cxl redone maybe with the epi-on modification.
I think you should wait for your eyes to settle and then think about any alternatives if this continues.



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Date: Tue Dec 23 10:05 PM, 2008

I did ask about getting the cxl redone. She told me that we have to wait at least 5 years for that... Have you heard of anyone getting it redone?
I understand that this hasnīt been done ever... =S

I donīt know, I guess I am going to give it some more time and see.

thnx for yur replies guys

love and merry christmas for those of you who celebrate it =)



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Date: Mon Dec 29 1:32 PM, 2008

Hi Chechim,

I think its a case of the treatment working, as its to stop thinning and bulging of the cornea outward (the front of the cornea) no matter if your cornea at the back surface is trying to reach the front of the cornea - the CXL will resist it.

I could see this on my pentcam/obscans and my vision contiues uneffected - its means that I did CXL in time and CXL is for progressive Keratoconus - thats the indicator to have this treatment.

Continued happy holiday season to you !


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