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Date: Fri Apr 15 6:25 PM, 2005
Process of scar healing (RK)

This is a somewhat dated study regarding the phases of scar healing following RK. Although this differs from mini ark it is still of interest in that attention is drawn to the stages of healing and cell regeneration.

I personally think that this is sometimes overlooked by those who have had or are considering mini ark... That the healing process is ongoing and must be allowed to go its course before final results are achieved:

Slit-lamp microscopic appearance of corneal wound healing after radial keratotomy.

Waring GO , Steinberg EB, Wilson LA.

Radial keratotomy offers a unique opportunity to study corneal wound healing because the corneas are normal, the fine knife blades disrupt adjacent tissue minimally, no sutures are used, there is minimal inflammation, and few postoperative drugs are administered. We studied corneal wounds with a slit-lamp microscope as they healed from two weeks to three years after radial keratotomy in 84 eyes of 51 consecutive patients enrolled in the Prospective Evaluation of Radial Keratotomy (PERK) Study. One day after surgery, the incisions were surrounded by edema. At two weeks, a dense, gray, diffusely marginated opacity occupied 0.1 mm on both sides of the incision. At three months, the area adjacent to the incision was filled with discrete, fine, gray spicules that protruded at right angles from the incision. At six months, the gray cloudiness had completely disappeared, and the individual spicules were more prominent. By one year, the spicules were disappearing from the anterior portion of the incision and were concentrated primarily in the posterior part of the incisions. At two and three years, the incision scar was fainter and the spicules had disappeared from all but the deep posterior part of the wound. We believe that these spicules correspond to the reorganization of the stroma along the edges of the corneal incision. The persistence of the spicules suggests that wound healing in radial keratotomy may not be complete until two years or more after surgery.

(spicules): a slender pointed usually hard body; especially : one of the minute calcareous or siliceous bodies that support the tissue of various invertebrates (as a sponge)


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