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Date: Sun Apr 17 6:36 PM, 2005
The effect of transverse corneal incisions.

I came across this small study regarding radial incisions for Keratoconus. It is one of the few examples outside of Prof. Lombardi's work that has mentioned the technique, again with positive results:

Corneal astigmatism. The effect of transverse corneal incisions.

Hovding G.

Department of Ophthalmology, University of Bergen, Norway.

The results of transverse or combined transverse and radial keratotomy in eyes with idiopathic corneal astigmatism (N = 11), astigmatism+myopia (N = 9) or early stages of keratoconus (N = 6) are presented. The corneal astigmatism was reduced in all our patients, the absolute reduction being significantly correlated to the degree of preoperative astigmatism (p = 0.007). In the whole study group the mean relative reduction of the corneal astigmatism was 52.7%. In eyes without keratoconus the astigmatism recorded at the last follow-up visit was very similar to that measured a few days after surgery, while greater changes occurred in the keratoconus group.

PMID: 7627754 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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