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Post Info TOPIC: 60% need contacts after Transplant

Date: Wed Apr 20 3:36 AM, 2005
60% need contacts after Transplant

A great article....It says that 60% of corneal transplant patients need contact lenses (contact lenses needed at this rate was alway suspected by me....but the percentage was always hard to find documented or was hard to get from your very own medical care team)

....This topic I think would come as some really bad news for contact lens intolerant patients...which I suspect is a very large amount considering how much people don't like wearing RGPs which are given out as standard practice at the moment!

Considering the fact that contact lens intolant kc patients are told that a corneal transplant is the best (???) mainstream thing to have done if contact lens intolance happens....and the fact that these very same people will still have a high chance that they will still need contact lenses after the transplant...I think is not at all right and absulote nonsense... and something fast needs to be done about it....

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