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Post Info TOPIC: "A Cure Enough"?

Date: Wed Jun 22 5:36 PM, 2005
"A Cure Enough"?

I thought I would start a new topic with a post I made on a previous thread...

"So to me... it looks like once again that....for the fore-seeable future, the strenghtening effect of X-Linking plus a good fitting contact lens equals "a cure enough" from the kc loop...

I am sure that there will be treatments to come in the time they are approved for general release it would help people in the future... not for the fore-seeable future... this is why we are here...

X-Linking to me is the only one which is tangable enough to try out now for our generation!

To me... test driving X-Linking means three and a half years of worry free kc (which makes me feel like driving through the car showroom window!)... and after that...the worst I could see happening is being back to square one!....which to me is no big deal at all... I think its better not to be stuck in square one, all the way, for those three and a half years... when there are more benifits from trying X-Linking than not to...(remembering that X-Linking has been used in medicine for a long time to cross link other parts of the body with out causing problems...)

Of course if you want to wait... continue to do so... thats what i did... I wanted to wait for technology to catch up, enough to make it tangable to try... when people was saying "You will never get out"! (well i've turned my back on traditional treatments!... i think that means i am out of the loop!!)

All in all...I see X-Linking as a "saftey net"...

All the Best"

-- Edited by QuintriX at 17:38, 2005-06-22



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Date: Wed Jun 22 5:51 PM, 2005
RE: "A Cure Enough"?

Exactly my sentiment... With Cross linking or Mini ark what do you have to lose? I cant speek for cross linking but mini ark in no way contridicts graft and it gives results now (granted it must be allowed to heal and thus give its optimum result).

So why not test drive them... Now was the time I wanted to see, my chidren growing up... my wife, the beatiful country in which I live. People told me not to go through with it because of long term uncertainty... I've seen results from up to 12 years ago... So even if I have my now greatly recovered sight for 12 more years I'll be happy... or I could have waited for the magic cure all and wasted these years. Mini ark gave me options, options I wouldnt have had with graft (Once its done its done) ... I feel the same may be true of cross linking, it may turn ot to be a short term fix but at least its an option that retains the cornea and also gives you options for the future.



Date: Thu Jun 23 1:48 PM, 2005
RE: "A Cure Enough"?

...And please note that the three and a half years quoted for X-Linking is the mean average....which is the figure worked out after the gaps in the different dates each person had X-Linking is compared...from the date the first person who had X-Linking to the second person and so everyone who is being looked at has not had the X-Linking treatment done all on the same day....I beleive the earlest recorded person (off the top of my head!) was eight years ago...but please correct me if i'm wrong!

-- Edited by QuintriX at 03:33, 2005-06-24

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