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Post Info TOPIC: Soft contact lenses with glasses?

Date: Tue Jun 28 1:11 AM, 2005
Soft contact lenses with glasses?

I was reading a very small excerpt somewhere that someones kc specialist recommended them to wear soft contact lens and then to wear glasses as an option to get out of wearing RGPs...

Never tried it myself or know more...what do you think?...wanna ask your kc specialist about it?...its worth a try i guess...

All the Best

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Date: Tue Jun 28 7:46 AM, 2005

That may help correct astygmatism withouth using soft toric lens. Remember when I said that I tried a toric lens. It turned out that it would not rotate as expected and it more hurts than it helps as it added random additional astygmatism each insertion - different value, depending on how it happened to stand on the eye.

So given the fact that a soft lens can correct a line or two (just because of the touch of the lens), and glasses can correct astygmatism I believe that yes, one can achieve some results but this correction will be far from the correction one can achieve using RGP. I remember reding somewhere that Soft lens are not soft because of the softness of the material, but because of the natural perfect fit. If we had so perfect a fit of harder material we would feel the RGP far more like we feel the soft lens. And that is exactly what I expect from the FrontWave technology. I hope we will not have to wait long before finding out this.

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