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Date: Fri Jul 8 8:14 AM, 2005
My observation after crosslinking

Here I share my experience and in some cases - my personal opinion.

I divide the post-crosslinking in several stages.

1. Right after the procedure

2. First days after the procedure

3. Closing of epithelium

4. Restoration of natural tear flow

5. Back to normal.

 Its a little discomforting, but necessary to say, that the first 24 hours after the operation are a little tough of a time. I know that there are much harder operations and surely more painful.  However, if one decides to do crosslinking I believe he or she must put the discomfort second place and not pay much attention to it. But let me describe the feelings because I think its better one to have an idea what is going to happen.

First thing to notice after the operation is that vision is very weak. If one chooses to do one eye only, then this is not a problem, but if he or she decides to do both eyes, then this is a little of an issue. The question I myself asked before the procedure was exactly what vision I would have just after the operation. Would I be able to see faces, would I be able to find my way out of the clinic? The answer is: Sure one can see the faces and the walls and the door, so that he or she can find the way out.  I actually found my way to the main entrance of the university clinic quite easily.

About fifteen minutes after the operation the anesthetic drops effect is gone. So it is a good idea for one to go to the guest house or the hotel at that time. It is far more pleasurable to stay in bed with curtains on instead of walking around…

Big issue is photo sensibility. Get yourself very good sunglasses and bear in mind that even the glasses cannot stop the light. I remember staying in the car with glasses and my jacket over my head and the light was passing through them and was causing significant discomfort.

The tears are also worth mentioning. After the operation one have much tear-flow. It continues at least two days after the procedure. Drinking water and wet tissue compresses for the forehead will help. Get strong food as well. Hopefully your appetite will not suffer. At least mine did not.

I experienced foreign body sensation in my eyes but that was not painful, just alarming. I didn’t know if that was normal or if it would fade away… actually it faded away after a day or two.

I recommend anyone who decides to do the operation to reserve 3 days in the guest hose for post operational recovery; one before the operation, and two nights for after the operation. If it is possible, get an accompanying person with you so that there is one to give you a hand.

After first days, the epithelium closed. After that my vision started to restore.  I am limited to my own experience and cannot tell what the average recovery time is. I, myself, saw the world a little foggy. After a week that feeling faded away as well, although the vision was still weak.

I also experienced eye dryness. I started using rewetting drops with no preservatives. I like Alcon Systane and Novaritis Genteal. I think that Alcon products are the best. At least the best I know.

The first month  I used therapeutics lens. Therapeutics lens are soft lens with very low water content and high gas permeability. The kind I got was for continuous use. I used them for a week (day and night) before soaking them for a night. I asked dr. Kohlhaas if that is ok and he confirmed that, yes, it is ok. I felt very well with them and I recommend everyone trying them (please consult eye professional first) as they protect the cornea from dust, from the lid (while blinking). Each blinking is pain when your cornea is damaged. I think they helped the cornea and allowed faster growing of the epithelium cells. The lens helped me see a bit better.

At the second month after the operation the eye dryness was starting to go away. I used rewetting drops more rarely but anyway I found that they feel good as they clean the eye from dust and other impurities. Anyway it is a good idea to put a drop or to on each eye each morning and evening.

Also I tried soft lens correction, unfortunately with no luck. The soft lens may help a little but not enough. The gain is probably one line. I also tried soft toric, but it turned that the toric lens would not act as expected as it will not rotate to fit in place. You may know that the toric lens are expected to rotate by itself to position in a certain manner so that they can correct astigmatism. In my case, however, due to irregular cornea the toric lens would not rotate at all, but stay blocked in random position. That is why I gave up trying to correct with regular soft lens. I have not tried special soft lens for keratoconus.

I tried again the RGP. The optometrist worked hard and found some fit that I can tolerate. The vision correction was perfect; however I do not felt my corneas stronger enough. That was on the 10th week after the operation. We recorded the lens parameters so that when a week or two more pass I will go again to the optometrist, make new fit and compare. If it turns out that my corneas are stabilized I will try using RPG.

I visited the optometrist on the 15th week after the procedure to see if my vision is stabilized. It turned out that the metrics we have recorded three weeks ago are of no value to me as the cornea continues to change. I needed flatter lens. So, judging by the lens and the flourescent model It seems that it continues to flatten even on the fourth month after the procedure.

I will make another corneal scan but as dr. Kohlhaas suggested I should do them five or six months after the operation. Probably he said so because that is the period where cornea fully stabilizes. 





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Date: Tue Jul 19 10:44 AM, 2005

Just wanted to write as your back from your holiday....

Its truly wonderful to hear your commentry in detail... Its great to read your observations and the way you get them across in such a straight forward way... I only have admiration for the way you have calulated all the possible avenues for your-self, and then found a path, through which now you are already reaping the rewards, for your endeavours...

I think its great news that you can drive with out no correction!!... that is a major feat in it self to reach!!... and that got me thinking, that one day I would really like to start a topic called "International Rescue"!!:)))

All this is just like reading a great novel and may be, one day a book called..."The lifes and times of......" can be written...

BTW....we have our very own, budding new film director, with their own production company who is a member here... may be a film about our experiances would not be out of the question, at some point!! (I bet no one can guess who this film director is!! I will put their site up on to the "links" section seen above, when I get some more time...

Anyway...I think your doing really great!!.... and its just all good news!!... well done mate!!

-- Edited by QuintriX at 11:03, 2005-07-19



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Date: Tue Jul 19 6:32 PM, 2005

Excelent post Valeri... Its just this kind of first hand information that is vital to the true understanding of crosslinking. Thank you very much for taking the time to get your thoughts written down...



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Date: Fri May 22 6:18 PM, 2020

Finally, I found the first patient story of being treated with Crosslinking!  

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