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Post Info TOPIC: When is KC not KC?

Date: Fri Jul 15 2:41 AM, 2005
When is KC not KC?

When is kc not kc?... where Interpretation of Topography Map's is concerned?

Click on the "maps" on the link....and then look down the page...

I still think that you can have kc WITH a completely flat cornea or when it has been missed because its so shown when elastia is induced due to this not being detected at laser treatment centers before the actual laser treatment!!

Also the fact that with better equipment, otherwise undetectable kc being picked up when it would have been missed....I think the over-riding characteristic of kc is the thinning which occurs (which does stop eventually)...and so if there is any thinning detected (where the thickness of the cornea is recorded as getting thinner on two seperate occations...lets just say) then it should be called kc (if there is a cone or not!)...its only when steeping (a cone) of the cornea happens is it called kc as shown in the link below... usually that is when vision starts to be noticed to get that time you know you have vision problems anyway...

Thinking about this a bit more...if kc can be detected earlier then hopfully one day X-linking can be used at an earlier stage and so preventing much of the suffering we currently are hearing today, in a preventitive and pro-active way...

I think the day they do a random study to check for kc with flat corneas is the day when we will find out that there are many who have kc...and a trigger (eye rubbing? contact lenses? allergies?) makes kc a "ticking time bomb" for those people...

You may want to check-out the topic "KC more common then previuosly thought!" in the "changing Horizons" section...

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-- Edited by QuintriX at 22:41, 2005-07-19

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