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Post Info TOPIC: Transplants cheaper than lenses!!

Date: Fri Aug 5 5:27 PM, 2005
Transplants cheaper than lenses!!

Hello Guys....Please read the following posts from another forum...

First KCers post

I have to admit that these Boston Sclerals seem a bit suspicious.How can this scleral be so much different from others that it is a magical ‘cure’? If so, why isn’t its use more widespread? It would appear cheaper than a transplant and the related follow up care. If this were the case, it would seem to be enough to motivate insurance companies to see that its use was more widespread. Also, if this is so helpful, why has the clinic not done more to make it accessabe to more people? These lenses seem to be touted as the Holy Grail of the hard contact world, some rare jewel lorded over by a pricey clinic in a pricey city. Without trying them I'll never know, but it does seem odd. Anyone out there who tried these lenses without success or with limited success?

The reply

I asked my Kaiser doctor this very question, and she said it's cheaper for places like Kaiser to replace your cornea than it is for them to pay for a $4000-8000 pair of lenses that only affect a minority of the population. It's all economics, unfortunately.


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Date: Fri Aug 5 7:45 PM, 2005

There is a twisted logic at play here that goes way beyond contact lenses... This is a money fueled mentality that leaves many people without access to the very best care available. Instead it plays into the hands of the drug companies and powerful upper level medical management... this is not conspiracy theory, it is fact. It is the same in the petroleum industry, the same pursuit of power and money that leaves researchers without the funds they require and doctors without the education they need to attack disease in the very best way available.

People may scoff off this type of reasoning... but take a look around this board. We have people who have had mini ark and crosslinking etc that are showing great results, this means that somehow WE found the answer... Explain to me why the answer wasn't found for us?



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Date: Wed Dec 28 4:23 AM, 2005


Boston Scleral Lenses =         ' Diamond Jewelry for the Eyes ' - (as I had posted before)

Lot of KC sufferers who tired it seems to have very +ve results. Vik for example.

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Date: Wed Dec 28 3:10 PM, 2005

When I was speaking to a very well known Scleral specialist in the uk who is well know world wide ...he said that the reason Italy has the highest per capita rate of transplants than any where else is due to Sclerals not being used.

So they are very valuable, however the reasons why they are not adopted as much in certain places needs to be tackled.

Also there is the mini-scleral and the macro scleral lens too. With freguent check ups for vigilance, they are a great way (in many ways) to wear and go!  

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