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Post Info TOPIC: New KC soft lenses

Date: Wed Aug 10 1:52 AM, 2005
New KC soft lenses

Hi Everyone... I've asked this question to those who report to know (contact lens support groups) about the below as there was talk of these new kc soft lenses not being that good for oxygen transmitting compared to rgps, by supossedly kc "specialists" that post this at contact lens support groups ... and as yet... there has been no reply to my question below...and people posting messges has since dried up as ...and considering it is a well known fact that RGPs are reported as being too invasive by people who ACTUALLY have to wear them on a thin and weak cornea... and the fact that contact lens support groups still keep saying that rgps are king and only rps can be used for kc (which we know is not true)... there seems to be an rgp interest group and a medical loop which exists to keep you coming back, so that to make more money out of you ...who are saying this... it really does make you wonder if they are trying to help you or if they are just trying to help them-selfs!! ...anyway i asked the following)

...Just wanted to know where these new soft lens for kc fitted in with the oxygen flux range which is acceptable for the use of contact lenses in kc? The reason I ask is that if the oxygen flux of putting one contact lens over another (piggy-backing)... where oxygen has to pass through not just one lens but two ...and also with scleral contact lenses and the saline that has to be used with them (where oxygen has to pass through both the lens and the saline as well) are both deemed as being ok to prescribe with frequent check ups for vigilance... So the question is??? ...can these new soft lens for kc be any worse?

The lens has fenestration's as well (holes to let the oxygen in) so the holes by-pass the lens to bring air to the eye... ands also the soft k is FDA approved for use in keratoconus.

I think this thinking is another first for KC Global those who should answer have suddenly gone all quiet!!

-- Edited by QuintriX at 16:16, 2005-12-14

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