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Post Info TOPIC: Tear film changes can skew topography

Date: Wed Oct 12 12:44 AM, 2005
Tear film changes can skew topography

I wanted to bring this topic header to come up as i posted this with-in a related topic.

This link is on the ESCRS web-site and in view for everyone to see it... so i think its important...

The article is called... "Tear film changes can skew topography"

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Date: Wed Oct 19 8:52 AM, 2005

He noted that generally the patient
assumes the upright head position and the
excessive lipid layer tends to accumulate
in the upper cornea, producing the
observed superior steepening.

Just had my topography done and my cone is just below the center (moderately sized). And they found all the other signs as well (using slit-lamp). So I guess it's KC after all


PS. Although I don't post much I still read quite a few posts. And please visit my blog. I just got it back on track:


Date: Wed Oct 19 9:24 PM, 2005

Hi Magnus,

Just going to be away from the board for a while but thought i had to reply to my buddy Magnus.

Anyway that article was on the ESCRs web-site so its important and so thats why i posted it, its just something that is easily over looked which could give some people needless sleepless nights if they knew otherwise that tear film can come in to play.

When i was first diagnosed thare was no kc global or kc freedom... just a place that sounded like a Jail House (kcenter) lol to keep the in-mates locked in to the medical loop! and so make more money!

I think Patients wants to know about their illness, just like someone wants to know about their family tree, so that they can understand why they are like they are, its the not knowing thats the worry...

Your doing the right things mate to find the best solution for you. I salute you for that.

All the Best

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Date: Sat Oct 22 1:59 AM, 2005

Hi Magnus,

Sorry I havnt had the chance to get back in touch with you (Remember you e-mailed me before I went overseas) Anyway, as I told you I'm also living in Spain at the moment... I've just been reading your blog. Its great that you are happy with your lens fitting (At the end of the day we all need to be able to live our lives as closely to normal as we can) ...

But one thing I read did worry me and that was the attitute of your Dr. Garín, he claims to be a KC Expert but refuses to even contemplate any treatment option other than RGP's and graft. This just seems to be the same narrow vision that is present in many of our mainstream professionals.

Again thats not to say that simply because a treatment is deemed 'Alternative' or 'New' that it is best... All I say is that if you spoke to any number of our personal eye specialists about Mini A.R.k or cross-linking etc then some of the members of this forum would have a greater understanding than they would. And it is this this that is unacceptable...

Can we really believe that the doctor that is putting that lens in our eye or signing us up for graft has really, has given his time to studying ALL the alternatives? And I dont mean just reading about them in his latest medical journal... I mean got on a plane and flown to the places where these treatments are performed, studied the patient reports, seen first hand if what is being claimed is actually real.

We the patients do it all the time, that is why KCGlobal exists... to aid us in finding our own way out of KC. But it should be the reponsibilty and passion of each and every one of our doctors to find us that path... the equasion of KC=contacts=graft is just lazy maths.

But it is an uphill battle... if I tell these doctors that I have had mini ark and now my kc dosnt exist, that I dont wear lenses or glasses, that I drive, read, watch TV uncorrected... they will all have an answer. They'll tell me its tempory and quote some unrelated source... they'll tell me I'm lying... but the fact is for me at least its all true. And if it worked for me then its our medical establishments job to find out if it can work for others,

Best Regards,


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