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Post Info TOPIC: epi-on crosslinking 1 month ago

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Date: Thu Jan 9 11:27 PM, 2014
RE: epi-on crosslinking 1 month ago


You will be ok. its not a complex treatment. People do have different pain thresholds, however your likely feel afterwards that it was not too bad compared the feel good factor and the peace of mind you will get once your past 24 hours and onwards!

Never endings are closer to the surface in thinner corneas so pain sensation is probably worse (ie when wearing hard lenses)

You have very good corneal thickness, so don't worry too much.

Its good your in the early stages as its a case of the earlier the better!

Stay with in the advice your Dr gives you post treatment until things have settled down.

Best of luck




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Date: Tue Jan 28 11:48 PM, 2014

Penny wrote:
The other factor is that you must leave out hard RGPs lenses for around a month (some say longer) to get the right reading on topography as hard lenses squash the cornea by some way and the cornea needs to "unfold".


 Hello Penny. My last topography exam was done with a time about 20 - 30 minutes without hard lenses. Also, in my right eye I had a very big wound, regardless of keratoconus. Do you think the results were not reliable?

If so, I think the hard lenses press the corneal inside, so maybe the real results would be worse? For example my os minimum corneal thickness was 441, maybe it is less (435 - 430)?


Do you have keratoconus? Add me on facebook to discuss about our problem and about ... the development of technology - medicine - science. Konstantinos Kantoutsis. I am waiting for you.


Date: Tue Jul 8 9:17 AM, 2014

Thank you for the very helpful actual report. I really appreciate your memory and your seriousness to assist people who will face the same situation as of yours.





Date: Sat May 23 3:52 PM, 2015

I recently decided to have my sons eyes done with epi on. I am still very worried. I worry it will hinder his football hopes. He is a junior in high school and summer is a time for coaches to observe And evaluate. Should I wait until December or do it now. I felt an urgency when I was at the office, but as I ponder the pain and time to heal I now have second thoughts. Any advice out there?.



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Date: Sat May 23 5:28 PM, 2015

Epi on is fast healing, Do one eye at a time. Do the worst eye first so that the other eye can be used during the recovery of the treated eye. Good Luck

Mrs france

Date: Mon Feb 15 5:30 PM, 2016
Permalink is my 5th day after my corneal cross linking surgery on the left eye. I had it done in France and I was amazed at the lack of pain I had after.. light sensitivity was there for about 4 days but no pain. My vision is still blurred. I went out today and didn't even need the sunglasses just wore my prescription glasses from before. I hope this does make it better with my night driving. And is it safe to watch t.v, iron and cook now? I have been prohibited to do anything. Being a 32 yr old full time mum of 2 young girls gave me no time to sit still but these last five days resting is becoming a bore. With the girls at my in-laws and me living in the dark with nothing to do I have hated it. overall my cross linking surgery went better then I expected just hope the results are good too.. all the best to everyone and this post has been great to read.



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Date: Sat Feb 20 8:45 PM, 2016


I am a 48 years old female  diagnosed with keratoconous when I was very young. I had my first corneal transplant in 1982 and the other in 1984. Currently I am stable. I tried contact lenses but because my eyes are small/tight I can feel the contacts in my eyes and do not like the uncomfortable feeling. 

I like probably like many of you have had issues with my vision that has affected my life somewhat, particularly now that I am enrolled in a two-year college program. All the reading takes a toll on my eyes.

I have been assigned a research paper in my English glass and I choose to research my/our condition keratoconous because I realize how little I know about current/new treatments.

During my initial research, I discovered this forum and a couple of other ones. I am hoping to hear from some of you so that I can communicate with other like myself.

I am looking forward to hearing from all of you who desire to share your experiences, successes, and wisdom. Hopeful, I can also gather some info for my research paper ASAP.



Jorge M

Date: Wed Jun 15 11:18 AM, 2016

Hi my name is Jorge Morin and im having just exactly the same experience as Carly S, today is the 06/15/16 and i had my crosslinking procedure on 05/27/16 so its been like two weeks and a half after the procedure but im a little worry because i see a little bigger halos than before the procedure and a little blurrier as well but after reading Carly's Experience now its calming my self down jijiji i hope everything gets better later on in the future but what worries me down is that if drinking, swallow or eating some of the next items may affect the recovery of the crosslinking procedure: (im moderate with all these thingsbut wonder if its better to avoid any of them) energy drinks, sodas, alchol, sugar, sweets, sleep aid pills and pain relievers (notice that iam not allergic to any of them thought), i love exercise so wonder if over working out or been much active during the day is bad for the recovery?, (lets say i workout in the mornings and play soccer at nights), how about sleeping less or more than 8 hours does that could affect the recovery for the sight?!, so far thats all the questions i have so i hope to hear soon from one of you guys and this is so beautiful that you all are taking a moment to share your experiences with some other people as well, thank you so much

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