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Post Info TOPIC: epi-on crosslinking 1 month ago

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Date: Sat Jun 18 8:54 PM, 2016
epi-on crosslinking 1 month ago

There are no special requirements other than dont get anything in the eye (or even hit in the eye!) it water or anything else in the first few days/weeks (or until the epithelium has healed over) as a precaution against infection.


Date: Mon Nov 14 9:04 PM, 2016
RE: epi-off crosslinking 10 days ago

Hi. Like many of you my diagnosis of KC was a shock to me . I live in Nairobi, Kenya. I was extremely worried and did so much reading on KC. I was diagnosed in September 2016. My ophthalmologist, who is very renowned on the continent, advised regularistaion of the cornea and cross linking for the left eye. And laser assisted cornea transplant (cornea graft) for the right eye as it was diagnosed as being severe KC. Due to the cost of having both procedures and my inability to afford having both at the same time, the ophthalmologist advised I should go for the procedure for the left eye and save it , it being my better eye. As such I was booked in to do the cornea regularistaion and crosslinking. By the way, the cornea regularisaction is to flatten the cone shaped cornea using laser treatment so as to improve vision. Fast forward to November 2016, 2 days prior to the procedure, I was given anti biotic eye drops to use 4 times a day. On procedure day, I unfortunately was not given valium or wasn't allowed any ipod which I think was necessary because my experience turned out to be SUPER INTENSE. If it wasnt for my fear of potentially having cornes rapture due to KC, I would have run out screaming out of the procedure room!! My procedure begun with cornea regularisatlion using laser treatment that lasted about 10 seconds . Of course i was given alot of numbing droplets. Immediately after that, I was started on the crosslinking procedure. The procedure itself seems similar to all that I have read but what I remember distinctly was after the procedure the ophthalmologist poured a lot of cold water on the cornea before placing the bandage lens and he said that it would help with the pain. I was sent off with anti biotic, pain killers and anti dry eye drops. I must admit the pouring of the cold water must have helped because although there was a bit of pain , it was not excruciating. In fact, i was more uncomfortable with the bangage contact lens. I was extremely sensitive to the light though . My vision is very blurry and now 10 days after the procedure, it hasn't improved that much. I was advised to give it up between 6 -8 weeks!

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