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Date: Thu Feb 7 5:22 PM, 2013
KC and concentration loss

Hi everyone!

This is my first post ever... The reason why I created an account us, of course, KC, but also the question I cannot find a good answer for. 

I was diagnosed with KC just few weeks ago. I was told that KC had progressed really intensively, and no RGP will help my left eye... But I didn't notice anything for a year (last time at opthamologist) , because my right eye is fine, but KC started there, too... But it doesn't do any difference in vision. For now... But it's not a point... I've been wondering why the hell I always feel so exhausted when I come home from school. 

The question is: "Can KC cause concentration loss?"

I'm coming to the conclusion, that it costs me a lot of energy to look at something, much less concentrating. I'm free-time computer programmer and I like memory training. By memory training I mean really memory training. I didn't come here to tell you about my "results" in training or something.. It's my hobby, and I've got a problem with it.... But I have to mention something, because you should have some idea about "what I'm talking about".

I can memorize 300 numbers in five minutes for one look, but  I'm losing it, because I immediately get such an awful head-ache while I'm looking at the paper full of digits. I find it harder to adjust... Another memory discipline is : memorize the deck of 52 playing cards as fast as possible... I could do it in 25 seconds without any error, but now? I'm lucky when it's under 30 without error... and I'm confusing suits... When I wanna see some particular card in detail in such a short period of time, it's really hard.

Maybe some of you didn't notice anything, but I have a log of each training since the beginning of this year, and you could see that my performance is going down... And nothing else has changed, I can say htta for sure... I remember it!

Do you have any ideas?

Thank you. 

Regards, Milan. 



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Date: Fri Feb 8 12:07 AM, 2013


Due toi multiple focal points...your eyes are trying to see but by doing so your eyes a straining to the point of causing headaches...with two eyes being diferent, this impactsthings further. The eyes are part f the brain and so keeping your concintration and attention going is going to be hard.

What works for me is using dry eye drops when they start to strain and ache (dry eyes can cause this and in KC dry eyes is common)...its soothing to put in the eye drops. I use Systane eye drops.

Try as well to get corrected...there are many contact lenses to try, and find a good fitter. These lenses can range from soft lenses for KC to hybrid lenses (soft/hard), to scleral lenses (if RGPs are not wearable) and even "piggy back" lens systems can be tried.

There are minimal surgeries to concier too...and which may help reduce your prescrption and might even get rid of your need for contact lenses if your KC is not too advanced.

Keep up with the memory training (once you have your KC managed), its a great party trick and will help you to pass college exams!smile




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Date: Sat Feb 16 4:11 PM, 2013

Milan I have the same problem as you regarding concentration,fatigue,headaches and I m certain it has to do with my problem with Kc,I get tired a lot especially during the second part of the day.I have Kc only in my right eye (for now any way) and I m wearing glasses.

Like Vicky I use Systane eye drops also but it doesn t solve the problem entirely.This is a big problem because I m in the process of finding a job and most of the jobs require 12 hours/ day focus and I don t know how I can do that with my eye problem.It s strange that I don t see other Kc persons complaining that much about loss of concentration or being tired cause of Kc,I mean I see some discussions but not as much as I would expect.I went to the eye doctor with this problem being tired and all that and she did prescribe me new glasses but strange in my right eye(the one with KC and the one with the cross-linking) she gave me an empty glass lens I mean with no value and she gave me a lens for my left eye (the one with a small astigmatism) with some small diopter value saying we can t do much with my right eye and we should try and correct my good left eye

I don t know what to make of this.Maybe she thought that a lens for my right eye would be to powerfull and might cause me to be dizzy,I don t know


Date: Mon Oct 12 3:19 PM, 2015

Hey....good forum. I m experiencing this fr long tym, but i was not fully sure abt that..well this too continue with wearing lense ??

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