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Post Info TOPIC: Done crosslinking in left eye, INTACS + crosslinking in right eye, please tell me I am going to be OK and not screwed!!


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Date: Mon May 20 12:49 AM, 2013
Done crosslinking in left eye, INTACS + crosslinking in right eye, please tell me I am going to be OK and not screwed!!

I was diagnosed with pretty severe keratoconos in my right eye, and slight keratoconus in my left eye. For the last few years vision in my right eye had deteriorated to the point that I could not see anything clearly at all with my regular myopia glasses(I never knew what I had was keratoconus, all I knew was that I started to have ghost image in my right eye, but still able to see clearly with my myopia glasses on, then the ghosting got worse and worse and eventually I was so blurred I could not see anything clearly at all) Then my left eye also recently started to have  insignificant ghosting at a far distance(after myopia glasses). Still I was able to see the world clearly because of my left eye.

So with the corneal topograph, the doctor and I had learned I had developed a very steep cone in the right eye, and very early stages of keratoconus in the left eye. What the heck, I finally found out what was wrong with my right eye! I trusted my doctor almost completely, he suggested crosslinking in both eyes to prevent progression, and also INTACS in the right eye to flatten the cone, and hopefully improve vision in the right eye.

And I had all of it done May 14th, 5 days ago.

INTACS installed in my right eye, followed by immediate treatment of epi-off crosslinking in both. It was intense pain for the first day, pain gone away after the end of the second day.

Then I started worrying about my VISION.

I had very good vision(after myopia glasses) in my left eye. Now, I am seeing ghost image in my left eye. Even the vision in my right eye had gotten worse(everything is blurred at distance and at close, but I can still tell it's worse.

I do understand that vision is expected to get worse immediately after treatment, and gradually recover if not improve to be better than pre-surgery, but why do I have this bad feeling about myself?? Especially for my left eye which was my much better eye?

And since keratoconus is worsened by eye rubbing, wouldn't the scraping of my epithelium for the crosslinking be like EXTREME rubbing of both eyes, and accelerating the keratoconus instantly? Correct me if I'm wrong, which I hope I am.

I just feel I really lost it, that not only did I NOT improve vision in my worse eye with INTACS and crosslinking, I also screwed up my perfect(with glasses) left eye!!!


Is it true that some people may have an increase in astigmatism after Crosslinking? Why is my left eye apparently ghosting now?


I will keep updating, this is DAY 5. Please any help or comment is appreciated.



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Date: Mon May 20 5:50 AM, 2013
RE: Done crosslinking in left eye, INTACS + crosslinking in right eye, please tell me I am going to be OK and not screwe

Lower your expectations and you will be ok is my belief. Give it more time as well.

If you can wear any type of contact lens successfully, after your recovery, then thats something to be happy about if that was not possible before. I hope you did try the contact lens route before you went a head with surgery. However I understand from your post that your KC was advanced (in the eye you had Crosslinking and Intacs)....I say this as most options work better if done early enough.

Epi on Crosslinking is harmless enough and Intacs can be removed and exchanged if needed...but no surgery or contact lens is without risk, and risk is minimal if the least invasive option is tried before trying the next invasive option.




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Date: Wed May 22 4:43 PM, 2013

Just wanted to say that you have done the right thing.
With cross linking you have to see the big picture. You're carrying out a treatment to stop progression of your keratoconus. The haze will recover and the left cornea will thicken/ stop thinning and stay safe with time. You are ultimately trying to save yourself from ending up needing a corneal graft.
The vision and the prescription of the left eye will vary for a few months ... at least 3 months but then things will stabilise for the better.
Hang on in there. You will be better in the long term
Best wishes

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