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Post Info TOPIC: I feel so tired since kc started


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Date: Mon Jul 1 12:46 PM, 2013
I feel so tired since kc started

Like I said in the title since my kc started progressing and my eye vision begun to deteriorate I feel almost all the time exhausted.I keep telling everyone this and nobody believes me,they say if I can still see then I m fine.Ok I can see and I m thankfull for that but still there are other issues like getting tired quick,in depth perception,ghosting sensations etc.I have kc in my right eye

I started a new job and I work in shifts,night and day and I feel sooo tired and don t know what to do.My eye doctor had prescribed me new glasses but they don t help

Is there something to be done? any solution ? any suggestions? I don t think I can keep my job if I continue in this manner and I want to keep this job.

Thank you for your attention



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Date: Mon Jul 1 2:52 PM, 2013

I have seen several patients who complain of the same thing. It is so easy to make contact lenses too strong in people with Keratoconus. Often, especially in young cases too much minus prescription is given as your focussing power is strong and your eye muscles give a false reading. Make sure this is not the case with you.
Also if the lenses are not the correct diameter they can cause ghosting at night.

Ask your contact lens practitioner if they can consider changing the power and fit to help you.( Or if they are not helpful..... get a second opinion)
Good Luck



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Date: Tue Jul 2 2:44 AM, 2013

Thanks for the advice Elaine. I too suffer from this and maybe should think of trying contacts again...seeing is tiring, to the point of causing eye strain and from which what I can only call "eye pain" or if not full blown eye pain there is usually a dull pain around the eyes. The visual system and the eyes are trying to see, it wants to, but for light rays entering our eyes, things are not at all straight forward (pun intended!)

Daily chaos you need to see an optometrist who specializes in Keratoconus.

Best of luck. Remo



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Date: Tue Jul 2 7:27 AM, 2013

Thank you for your answers but I LOST the job.

They told me I wasn t moving fast enough,its difficult to move fast enough when you are not sure of what you see in front of you and you make a huge effort to be aware of your surroundings through vision and after all that effort you get really tired.

I had cross-linking done on my kc eye,and that stoped the progression of kc,but it didn t help with other problems.I ware eyeglasses cause I have kc in one eye,told my doctor about my problems made me change lenses but didn t help
This is hell,I m very sad and I think there is no hope of a normal life with this.Don t know what to do next,where to go,who to see,I ve tried talking to many doctors but nothing


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Date: Tue Jul 2 9:17 PM, 2013

Hi, i recognize the worry. I had a bit of the same, I was perfectly well, fit, then got the diagnozed of KC. I started with rose2k lens, it gave me 60% vision but red eyes, itchy, short weartime. Then I did epi on CXL, (which didnt improve vision much but it decreased the cone. I continued with small RGP, it was still itchy and I had to plan when do i want vision, when can i take itchy red eye.


Then I tried different lenses and found a good optician together we found  the lens for me.

Semi-scleral (pretty big RGP lens that rests both on the white and less on the cornea)

It gives 80-90% vision on my worst eye (which is pretty worthless for reading or any details with glasses) and the best thing, up to 15h weartime without problems. So now i can see like a hawk atleast in bright conditions and i can with the RGP and glasses drive at night again. So if/when you find a good lens its a huge life changer. For me it was like reducing/ taking back lost years of bad vision and struggle.

My advice keep trying different lenses, Soclear lens type work super for me and my optician say that many "difficult" cases get huge benefits from them.


Good luck!




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