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Date: Thu Jan 26 8:35 AM, 2006
kc and stress

So i was reading an article pointed to on this sight that had to do w/ some wwII soldiers and how they were thought to have developed kc as a result of anxiety and such.  This makes me curious as too how this relates too the destuction of coneal cell.  And stress has been shown to disrupt many biological functions in animals.  Perhaps this off balance could cause some sort of enzymatic disease in the conjunctiva resulting in destructing of the cornea.

Now this is all speculation ok, but what i am wondering is what personality type would you consider yourself? and what role at all does stress have in your life:

Myself am someone w/ much anxiety and too some degree feed off having stress(get things done) But mostly I function very poorly under any kind of stress and have some sleep problems.  So I'm def. not a type A haha

So this is something not to be taken too seriously, but very curiousa?



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Date: Thu Jan 26 11:00 AM, 2006

Hi thomas,

I think it is a good issue to discuss for there are specific stress hormons. They act badly on skin collagens. In us, KCers, they, probably, act badly on corneal collagens. Any way I think stress is one of the numerous factors that influence KC development. I was stressed also when my KC started to accelerate at a fast pace. But as you know, nobody today knows for sure the exact etiology and reasons of the KC...




Date: Thu Jan 26 11:55 AM, 2006

I think your exactly right Yarsky... kc is muti-factoral... and different factors may be at play for different people getting kc.

There seems to be a trigger as well as other factors...

(what is this trigger, eye rubbing? use of hard lenses? laser which creates kera-elastia? (due to undetected kc?) eye pressure? all these are different forms of stress on the cornea) 

One suspected element is in this article, which thomas picked up on...

Now, eye pressure is measured in millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). Normal eye pressure ranges from 10-21 mm Hg.

Thinking about that read the following link (i know its about Glaucoma and Stress but it's of interest here still)

So... can it be that stress can increase eye pressure and so on a weaken cornea (due to genetic's or another reason) this pushes out the "cone" in KC?

Remembering this article posted before about 20-20 keratoconus.


Below is some info. on type "A" personalities, I would think they take on more stress, but their cornea's may not be able too?

There is a test you can do to see what personality you are at this link...

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Date: Mon Nov 26 2:21 AM, 2007

I think the original post stems from Dr. Eger's article, of which I am one of his case studies (KA). The way he explained it to me is that everyone has a weak point (genetically). For him it was his back, but for us, it is the eyes. Stress will make any of the weak points or health conditions worse.

One night he wanted to prove a point to me and had me practice relaxing my eye using his biofeedback machine. He took a corneal topography before and after. I sat on this machine for an hour thinking the whole thing was ridiculous. Much to my surprise, I saw an improvement within this short span of time.

He recreated a similar situation years later with another KC patient. He had him deep breath and listen to classical music instead of biofeedback. Same type of improvement evident in the pictures.

I also notice that my lenses really start to bother me when I'm stressed out.

The one thing that Dr. Eger opened up for me is that it is all inter-related. Health composes many things- good diet, sleep, water, etc. I never thought the eyes could be affected by something seemingly unrelated, but they were. You can look at my web site to see my improvement if you're interested.

Hope this helps,

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