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Post Info TOPIC: My CXL + T-PRK experience in Canada

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Date: Tue Feb 7 12:34 PM, 2017
My CXL + T-PRK experience in Canada

In KC the cornea is thinner than normal corneas and also weaker. With Lasik this happens also. Therefore KC together, with Lasik is not recommended.

In PRK no flap is created and therefore for SOME KC patients they might be in the remit for PRK with CXL.


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Date: Wed Mar 1 8:10 PM, 2017

Hi thank you so much for the detailed story ! Can you please give us an update on your surgery and tell us how well your eyes are doing now


Date: Sun Jan 7 11:13 PM, 2018

Hello, thank you for the detailed story of your CXL experience. After all these years, how do you feel? Have you improved your vision acuity? Please give me an update. Thank you! 

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