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Date: Mon May 1 10:11 PM, 2017
Epi on CXL positive experiences anybody?

I had Epi- On Crosslinking and it gave me severe Cornea Neuralgia. I have been in constant pain for the past 2.5 years. And no it did not stabilize my cornea it just microwaved it.

Also be on the lookout for doctors who throw you in there with `technicians` who are really front desk receptionists dressed in garment to give you the illusion of trust.

Also dont believe there statistics that epi on is same success as epi off, its a sales tactic there is ZERO studys shown to prove this.

Overall I would highly recommend not having any type of crosslinking. Its an extremely dangerous procedure and will damage your eye more than it has been. Im making a post about what a scam it is now.

Wait a few years for Dr. Trevor to finish his trials on the drops + mold that will naturally regenerate your cornea type 1 collagen while the mold helps with correction. Its non invasive and from his talks with me via email, is much safer than this arcane `crosslinking` rubbish.



Date: Thu Oct 12 3:04 AM, 2017

Hi. I had epi-on crosslinking in both eyes and an intac in my right eye a few weeks ago. The topography already shows good improvement in my right cornea (which had moderate Keratoconus before the procedures and now has practically none). My left eye (which only had very mild Keratoconus) is the same as before the procedure. I wrote a longer description of my experience in a post in this forum called "any experience with Dr Brian Wachler" if you want to read it. Dr Wachler says in his literature that epi-on is actually more effective than epi-off, and with less risks. I see though that many on this board have the opposite opinion re epi-on versus epi-off. In any case, I am happy and very satisfied with my results thus far -- i.e.,The epi-on crosslinking and one intac -- though it's only been a few weeks since my procedures.

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