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Post Info TOPIC: Rubbing Eyes During Sleep?? (post CXL)


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Date: Tue May 26 4:57 PM, 2015
Rubbing Eyes During Sleep?? (post CXL)

Hello All,

I had Epi-On CXL performed about 5 weeks ago (left eye only). Since the procedure I have been very conscious to not touch or rub my eyes. The doctor provided me with a plastic eye shield to wear the first few days to protect my eye (I have to put a few pieces of tape on it and stick it to my face, not very comfy). 

After two weeks or so I became more lax and stopped wearing the shield at night. Since then, during several instances I've had strange dreams about rubbing my eyes while asleep and on one occasion I woke up in the process of rubbing my right eye. This is obviously all in my subconscious because I have no control over my movements. 

Does anyone else have this problem?? It's extremely frustrating because it's a bit outside of my control. The only thing I can think to do is keep taping the plastic shield to my face at night, but that only protects one eye. I haven't tried gloves yet but I think I would just remove them in my sleep.

Any advice or ideas??




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Date: Tue May 26 6:48 PM, 2015

You have to ask what is causing the itch in the first place ? If that is treated then you will not rub your eyes. You may have an allergic eye condition or your tear film is not sufficient and causing your eyes to be irritated.

Sameer Ahmed Taj

Date: Tue Apr 26 7:32 AM, 2016

Please try Cromal Forte Eye Drops in the night two drops.

This will stop itching sensation and inflammation. You will be fresh in the morning to wear RGP's / Rose K or Scleral Lens as advised.

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