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Post Info TOPIC: woke up with kc? confused


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Date: Fri Jun 26 12:32 PM, 2015
woke up with kc? confused

Hi people )

I started getting some blurry vision 2weeks ago and quickly booked an appointment at specsavers. I dont where glasses altho i think i should have needed them for last few years but never really bothered me.

I had an eye test and did terrible and was told would need some glasses and she also wrote suspect keractonus sciccor reflex seen.I was very scared asking her what the hells that and she told me about it and said dont worry yourself and gave me a letter to give to my gp to refer me.So since then i read load of stuff up and got in a big deppression not really going out cause my blurry vision. But i also suffer a condition called lyme disease so i thought no it has to just be another Lyme symtom because i get many different symptoms all the time.

In the end i was so scared and went to morfileds a nd e had a little test there my right eye was perfectly fine on the chart which was diff storry to the opticians but left eye was terrible just letters where a blur untill she gave me these pin glasses i could read some of the lines. Anyway after load of tests at moorfiled they guy saw me and said your vision is fine in your right eye anyway and cant see any probs with your eyes. I Then told him about the opticians and the scicoring reflex and he said oh this could be Keractonus and therefore you would need be reffered and have more tests.

So i went home and funnily enough i spoke to a friend and told him why i had been ill resently when i told him about my vision probs he said i know how you feel i have them also i was like really whats up he said i have something where the shape is not round i asked him the name and said keratoconus i was like dam thats what i may have.He said there going to send me Morfileds and told me the procedures and said i should go to a place called Accusvsiin.

I went there asap and had eye test done which again my right eye seemed to be fine today well a lot better then my left eye where everythings just getting blurry untill he went through the lenses and got my vision better.Then he took me in another room and done some scanning on my eye i was crossing all my fingers but unfortunatly he said come and take a look. H eshowed me a 3d image of my cornea and said look if u look it looks round and perfect shape but then said if i look at this map i can see its not and was thin he said i think 430microms or somthing.

He said the left eye is worse and the right eye has just started to get effected and spoke about all the options and said nhs are picky about the crosslinking and you could wait forever.So im just so confused do i 100 percent have it welll i think i do and being indinial.

But i dont get how i can be fine everyday not even wear glasses then wake up with this blurry vision.And the 0ther day i would walk out to my car and people few metres away would look blurry but now week later its not that bad.

I do use the laptop everyday and also was wearing soft coloured contact lenses for fashion but stopped wearing them about 1 motnh ago before any of this and ony wore them about 6months. I just dont get it did i mess my own eyes up wearing the contacs or im sure this bloody lyme disease has caused this is messes everyhting else up but every eye person said no its not lymes.But thats the thing lot docs dont no alot about Lyme. 

Im using my laptop now and just seems everythings hard work just focusing on the text and stuff i really dont know how this happened overnight tho my mate with it even said he was wearing glases for years. Sorry for rmabling on.

And also what would people advise me to do my firned is saaying run adn get cxl done asap but i was thinking to wait for the nhs appointment to see if they confirm i have this condition.

My biggest fear is i use the laptop everyday and its part of my life will things look clearer with contacts on or glasses

Thankyou people hope your all doing ok as can be also sorry for all the bad spelling im bit to stressed and eyes tired to correct it all.


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Date: Fri Jun 26 5:10 PM, 2015

If and when you have a diagnosis then they will speak to you about what treatment is possible. CXL is to treat progression so keep a check on it at a clinic. Because one eye is the worse eye its hard to know or notice for yourself if there is a drop in vision because you see with two eyes.

Good luck and its good that you have gone to the public and private sector.


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Date: Tue Jul 21 11:19 PM, 2015

In its early stages KC is notoriously unstable. Before I was diagnosed, the eye doctor would joke that my glasses prescription could change before the appointment was over. In retrospect I am pretty sure that was early signs of KC.

Whether or not you get CXL, you will need to find a correction for your vision that works for you. Most likely that will be some form of contact lens but it might be glasses. Whichever it is, it will take someone with experience working with KC and probably a lot of trial and error to find your vision correction. I would guess that CXL will create a need for further adjustments to your vision correction but I am guessing that having a vision correction before you embark on CXL will make things easier on you.

You might be working with different people for vision correction and for CXL. Just remember that you need to work on both of these issues. Figure out how to coordinate the two to best meet your needs.

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