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Post Info TOPIC: Trying to determine if I should keep my intacs in. Would love the help!

Date: Fri Mar 11 2:01 PM, 2016
Trying to determine if I should keep my intacs in. Would love the help!

i hve been waiting about 14 years to get my intacs and now debating keeping them. I have had one in my right eye for the past 13 years and it is not my dominant eye and tough it helped in minor ways I have always been dependent on my left eye. 

I had the intacs in my left eye placed two weeks ago. Though it flattened the cornea my vision is not better and the doubling has been more pronounced than before the intac. Secondly I am struggling wit the the glaring off the intacs. The glaring in my right is so outside my field of vision it is only somewhat noticeable. However the glaring in my left is prominent before my eyes. I see two circles right in front of me in any dimly lit area.  Secondly the glaring comes off anything That is light. It is like the bullseys doesn't glare but the rest of the target does. I have been thinking the doctonr out them too close to the pupil

i would love any thoughts as I am planning on taking them out as it is not considerably helping with vision and creating a chaotic glaring problem. Thanks!


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Date: Sun Mar 13 11:57 AM, 2016

There is more to lose if you remove the newly placed Intac, as you need to give it more time to settled down.

The cornea heals slowly and it takes sometimes months to settle down.

In the meanwhile you should see if you might want to get corrected with a lens in the other eye.

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