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Post Info TOPIC: My story after PRK+CXL for both eyes


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Date: Sun Nov 20 7:34 AM, 2016
My story after PRK+CXL for both eyes



I'm Ahmed, 29 from Egypt.

I was diagnosed with keratoconus in March 2015 in both eyes (Right eye grade 2 - left eye grade 1).



I don't like to wear glasses so in the age of 23 I was supposed to wear one so I put it for like one month and then kept it in the home.

But my vision started to go down with years so I went to the Optometrist and he said I've two ways to go first to wear glasses and the other way is to do KC treatment.

I went to another Optometrist after I read about the KC's treatments, found this forum and started to read about the PRK + CXL stories.

I took the decision I'll do the surgery and  the Optometrist agreed to do it. (I did it in Egypt)


This is my pentacam before the surgery (March 12th, 2015)




I won't go in details what happened during and post surgery. There are the same procedures and for post surgery as I remembered I saw everything clear with little blur after 1 month.


After that my vision started to go better and better (6/6 in both eyes), light sensitivity wasn't an issue after 3 months, the only problem continued with me I still seeing another line while watching TV and reading the news headlines (It doesn't bother me it's negligible as the picture is very clear only when reading I see it) and blur while looking at lamp post.


Optive eye drops is my wife (Every 4-6 hours) :) because of dry eyes.


Other than those problems everything were great and I was very happy about the results. Every time I checked with the Optometrist my eyes were fine (6/6)

So I continued without any glasses, did another 2 Pentacam after 3 months and 6 months.


June 2015



October 2015




After that I didn't do another pentacam and everything was stable until 2 months back.

I started to feel some pressure in my eyes especially my right eye and my vision started to go down I thought this was something will go when my eye pressure settle but It doesn't.

So I want to Optometrist yesterday and I did a vision test I got these results:


Right eye:

Sphere: - 1.00

Cylinder: - 2.50

Axis: 145 Degree


Left eye:

Sphere: - 0.50

Cylinder: - 0.75

Axis: 25 degree

IPD 63 & BCVA for both eyes are 1.0

(Note: The device that use to determine the vision based on the image (house) results were different from these results because the pressure still in my eyes)


I still got 6/6 with the tested lenses, so I'll wear the glasses to keep things stable for now and I'll do another pentacam this month then the Optometrist will decide will I do another CXL or not.


I think I'll need another CXL for my right eye because I feel the treatment doesn't go well with it :(


I'm here and happy to answer any question related to my surgery?

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Date: Mon Nov 21 1:53 PM, 2016

Ahmed, please do keep your eyes monitored and any progression detected early on. You have done very well so far and when KC is very difficult to fight.

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