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Post Info TOPIC: Flickering flashes in Keratoconus?

Date: Thu Apr 13 1:16 PM, 2017
Flickering flashes in Keratoconus?

Hi! I just joined to this awesome forum and I have some questions about very strange phenomenom. I am 18 years old keratoconus patient. I was diagnosed 3 years ago, I am after CXL on my right eye (one year ago). My left eye is fine right now, visuale acuity is good and I can see clearly without any correction. For like eight months I can see strange, flickering flashes, specially on glaring or white surfaces like sky, white page or white walls. Its looking like dots, or short moving lines. I can see a lot of them, continuosly, I think night vision is a little bit worse, but I am not sure. I had done a lot of diagnostic tests- OCT, peripetrhal vision test, retina examination in slit lamp, EKG, MRI and eye pressure test. I have read a lot of about photopsias and I am very scared about it, somwhere was written that there is dieasase with similar symphtoms called "Retinis Pigmentosa", what sacared me a lot, specially there was mentioned about link between this an keratoconus. hmm I asked doctor about this and he said I dont have this. I was sent do neurologist, after MRI and EEG doctor said that everything is okay. Can you see simmilar symphtoms with keratoconus? What can cause this strange symphtoms? Can it be that mentioned dieasase cry?



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Date: Fri Apr 14 11:22 PM, 2017

Is it what is known as "Floaters" maybe ?



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Date: Sat Apr 15 3:48 PM, 2017

Thanks for replay. I am the author of the post, but i forgot about logging in before I started this topic. I can see floaters too, but this things are looking different and can be seen alongside with them.


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Date: Mon Apr 17 2:40 PM, 2017

Is it visual snow ?

You should see if you can get the problem (what ever it may be) diagnosed

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