Keratoconus: Ulrike - Germany

Nutrition Vs Keratoconus

By Ulrike in Germany

I would like to talk to you about daily life after Mini-ARK. (The OP was one year ago, one slight correction in May 2004). At the moment, I am living with glasses, 100% sight on the left eye, 30% sight on the right eye which is still improving and was KC IV before the OP - no glasses could help.

I know that the "Bio-Cybernetic" therapy that accompanies Mini ARK (this treatment is called Bioressonanz in Germany) is often discussed. In my opinion, the aim of all these corresponding tests and treatments is to make the patients understand how to take care of their body. Well, my husband and I have always tried to live very healthily, doing a lot of sports (body styling, inline-skating, dancing, yoga...) and focusing on good nutrition (no pork and wheat, nor products made from it, buying food in the bio shops...) but apparently we have to take care of even more than that.

The -Bioressonanz- has shown that a lot of chemical substances are doing harm to my body (eyes). I was also doing the check at home controlling all product we use day by day (shampoo, toothpaste, body lotion, shower/bath products, nail polish, nail polish remover, washing powder...) and I was really shocked reading on the internet that so many ingredients are toxic, causing damage to eyes and brain, weakening/ruining the immune system and even provoking cancer. Wow, what a shock to read this and thinking about the long time I had been using all this chemical "poison".

In the end, everything in my bathroom went to the rubbish. Now we are buying all things needed for body-care and washing clothes, even the cleansing-agents for the house, in the bio-shops and I just can tell you we are feeling so good and healthy, more than ever before. I do not trust our industry anymore when reading - natural - on some products. Checking the ingredients nearly all of the commercial goods contain toxic substances.

Well, I do not know the industry in the States but I hope you can also get this information on the internet. (In Germany I searched under - dangerous substances in body-care products - and I received a long list and a shock) :).

I know now that the use of natural products is good for the health, they will strengthen the immune system preventing grave diseases and they do not harm our environment/nature. And most important, in my case (after the Mini-ARK) it speeds up the healing processes.

This, I think, this also is the message the Dr. wants to give us, to accept responsibility for our health, not to believe everything the industry is telling us in commercials... because they are interested in money and not to keep the people healthy.

Maybe this process of making KC-people see again with Mini-ARK has a deeper sense... that we need to see that we have to care for our health, our body, our brain. That this body has been given to us and that we should care for it and do the best for ourselves in a fast-food, throw-away society. This sounds a bit like the fundamental things we are told in religion, doing the best for ourselves and others.

I understand that for many people it is hard to believe that the way the majority of people are going may not be the best one, but I also think that the eyes will tell the truth. For me, a therapy or a treatment has to lead the patients to an improvement. Contact lenses have lead my eyes to get worse and worse and a graft was out of question for me. I would have never agreed to that. I do not need reports and approved certificates or studies, the 20 years of experience my Dr. has; my conversations with Italian patients operated many years ago telling me of their long-term successes did it for me. I do not know how to explain, I have this natural ability to feel what is behind things.

I am sometimes so angry when I see how things work in our world. Most of the doctors do not care or think for themselves anymore but are manipulated by the industry. Forgetting that they had to swear an oath to do the best for their patients, commerce is trying to tell the people what to eat, what to buy... and watching the television commercials where they offer us "rubbish" and "poison", I could explode. I ask myself if they do not have the feeling of doing something wrong.  Even in the pharmacies, when I looked for toothpaste some time ago, I recognized that they are selling toxic chemical substances in their products, I wanted to ask the person there if he can sleep at night working in the medicine sector and selling people harmful things. But I did nothing, because I do not know where to start. Asking the doctors in the hospitals??? The owners of the large supermarkets??? In all the other stores??? Sometimes I think about the sentence I heard in a movie one day: - "The human race is condemned to destroy itself".

And I would wish that all those who are running in the wrong direction would wake up and that we do not harm ourselves, others, nature, the environment anymore. Illnesses could be prevented, nature protected... It would close the circle... Well, maybe this is too idealistic and too much illusion...

Due to KC, we had a break, in this fast-moving and non-realizing world. We had a lot of time for thinking, what we have done wrong, what is going wrong, what we have to change in our lives. Now we are on the positive way and are regaining our sight and now I am asking myself very often - are the others the blind ones?

I wish you all lots of love and take care wherever you are.

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