The Advocation Reckoning  
   In Pursuit of Excellence in Safety, Quality & Teamwork   

  Resolutions Realized Generations  
  A Trip Down Memory Lane...  

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  The Revelations  

Allowing Easier and More Accurate Access to Keratoconus Scientific Knowledge and Discussion.

'Stand on The Shoulders of Giants.'

  The Gospels  

 The Keratoconus Repository of Scholarly Literature and Scientific Consensuses. 

'Sponsoring Futures.'

  The Genesis  

This program kick-started the new modern era in Keratoconus and which herald the beginning of giving those who was suffering from sight loss what was (due to status quo bias) getting impeded, such as: the ability to have a voice, engage, research, discover, make informed choices and the ability to discuss, share and search for digital or physical copies of untold relevant articles, whether online or in libraries.

It reported on and graded full-text journal articles, peer-reviewed academic journals, conference papers, abstracts, technical reports, preprints, theses and dissertations, books, and other documents, including selected resources that was deemed to be 'scholarly'. 

'The Truth About Keratoconus.'