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Keratoconus and ectatic corneal diseases have been recognized for more than 150 years. Over the last 2 decades through a great number of global, regional, national and local initiatives, there has been a revolution in the knowledge related to the diagnosis and management of these conditions. Whilst the extensive knowledge regarding the diagnosis and management of keratoconus and ectatic corneal diseases, many controversies still exist. For that reason, there is a need for the continual meeting of minds for improving the current guidelines for the diagnosis and management of these conditions.

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KC Freedom is a platform that's open for everyone to give their feedback. Share your experiences to create better experiences and help others make better choices and at the same time encourage genuine improvements from service providers and so that they up their game.

We encourage constructive feedback which is open to all to give without fear or favour. We champion authentic assessment and fight fake appraisals.

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Despite improved ability to diagnose and treat patients (and as a result, the previously established prevalence approximation of keratoconus among the general population being challenged with there being much higher prevalence rates found in many parts of the world), it needs to be reiterated that there remain many controversial aspects including, access to eyecare pathways, disease definition and diagnosis and also in the clinical, medical and surgical management of these patients. These controversies have led to a need for achieving unanimous settlement and consistency to assist in the management of patients with these conditions.

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